Thursday, October 05, 2006



Everybody reads Newspapers.As soon as you get up in the morning,the first thing you need is ,perhaps the Newspaper.When you start reading it, you find many interesting headlines.Now,this is where you start falling into the trap.The Headlines which attract most of the people read mostly like this,”Bomb found planted in Parliament.”
“50 die in a plane crash.” “Minister suspected in 900 crore scam.” “Hackers know what you are doing on internet.” “Medical college’s entrance question papers leak.”

When you find some interesting headlinies like these, you delve deep inside and start reading the news in detail. And,believe me, all interesting news items like these don’t finish off at a single page. You have to complete reading about these news by turning pages in continuation e.g.from page no. 2 to 12 to 16 etc.etc. And by the time you finish this Hot Stuff, the time slot you have allotted for the news paper is over. What was the nature of News Items you were so deeply involved with-Positive or Negative?

I have heard people quipping,”There is hardly any Positive News in the News papers.” Is this statement right? No! Newspapers have a lot of Positive News but you don’t have time to look for it.

One of my 11 year old nieces named Tanya collects the clippings of “The Speaking Tree” from T.O.I. and has pasted approximately 150 of such articles in album. She not only collects the articles but loves reading them also at such a tender age.

Apart from “The Speaking Tree” which is actually not a positive news.(it’s an article), News paper contains a lot of Positive News which you can find out and discuss it with others throughout the day. Make it a hobby to collect at least one positive news daily from the newspaper.And,we can call this hobby-Positive News Collection(PNC).

Make your Positive News Album where in a month you would be having 30 Positive News pasted and in an year you would be having 365 Positive News pasted .

This Positive News Collection(PNC) is going to be one of your possessions,you will really be proud of owning.When you will show your Positive News Collection(PNC) to your elders,When you will show your PNC to your friends and younger ones,praise will shower on you fro all around and that praise will encourage you to act more and more positive in your life.

This new hobby called”PNC”is a better hobby than any other hobby in the world because it’s going to give you bountiful returns in life.



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